what i'm about
The non morbid fascination of death.
For as long as I can remember I've had an intense
relationship with the humaness of death.  It is something
that touches us indirectly and eventually directly - there is
no escaping it.  In the meantime we can learn so much
from the social history aspect of death.  This also ties in
with my love of genealogy and knowing WHO is a part of

I adore researching my family history  and love my Taphophile hobby.

        arrowHeadstone photography -  and ongoing research.
                Discovering stories via my grave photograpy and
                sharing with others via Flickr; my blog and other databases

        arrowHonorary Life Member of The Friends of Linwood Cemetery Trust
            (Researcher; Facebook and Twitter)

acquisitions I'm currently working on
as collection manager, history

~ Food (Pantry) items from 1950s - 70s
~ Objects related to the Mau Mau uprising
~ Many military medals, badges, decorations
~ Blickensderfer Typewriter, Model No 8, Circa 1907
~ Seuffert illuminated address casket
~ Robin Morrison camera and accessories
~ Colonial Ammunition Company (C.A.C.) items
~ Sir Edmund Hillary Nepalese National dress (Daura Suruwal)
~ Flying hats and goggles
~ Ceramic and tin toys
~ Tower of London poppies

~ Birth of third grandson Toby - February 2015

~ Amazing 2 weeks in Turkey inclusive of 100th Commemorations of

     landing at Gallipoli and then 4 weeks in the UK. Photo albums here

~ Constable Adam BEGG finally getting recognised as dying in the line of